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Meaningful Student Engagement: Action Planning and Campain Development for HS

Workshops will help students do the following: Students will understand the process of developing an action project or campaign that includes assessment, issue identification, and goal setting. Students will understand why assessing the conditions, needs, and wants of their constituency is important as well as some examples of how to do these assessments. Also, workshop participants will practice leading and participating in surveys, focus groups, town halls, and one on one’s as well as brainstorm strengths and limitations of each method.

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CFJ Campaign Tools

Set of campaign planning tools and worksheets:

  • Campaign Planning Chart
  • Campaign Strategy Chart
  • Campaign Next Steps Chart
  • Demand Research Guide
  • Escalating Tactics Guide
  • Action Evaluation Form
  • Campaing Analysis Worksheet
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Praxis Project Advocacy Curriculum

Making a Difference Toolkit:

  • Getting to know the community
  • Taking the community pulse
  • Cutting your issue: from issue to initiative
  • Identifying support
  • Mobilizing community support
  • Power and oppression
  • Using the media
  • When you need a policy

Praxis Project: is a national, nonprofit organization that builds partnerships with local groups to influence policymaking to address the underlying, systemic causes of community problems.

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AEJ Tactics Intensive Workshop


A. Know the use of tactics as part of a larger strategy to win a campaign

B. Understandtacticsescalation

C. Identify various kinds of tactics and considerations for when to use different kinds of tactics


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Campaign Development


This workshop has two parts: 1) Choosing an Issue and Target and 2) Campaign Strategy. The first part elaborates on the concept of campaigns and connects the relevance of capacity and resources to succsessful campaigns. Part two breaks down specific organizational elements and personal stance to narrow down where one fits within the "power map," which is used to help develop a simple and effective campaign strategy.

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Creative Visuals for Actions

Creative, bold visuals make a great center piece for every direct action. They do much more than make your actions look good. They unify your group, amplify your message, invite people to have a personal interaction with your work, and provide a visual story through symbols that clarify the issue. If you integrate art into your campaign strategy and actions, you can make change irresistible.

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