Food Justice Toolkit


Curricula + Resources

Food Systems 101 Part 1

Audience: Youth Members

Timeframe 2 hours


1.    To talk about the need for Food Justice for our communities’ health and environment.

2.    To be able to define a Food System and compare a global industrial system with a local sustainable one.

3.    To be able to identify the major players in the U.S. food system and analyze their power.

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Food Systems 101 Part 2

Audience: Youth Members

Time Length: 2 hours


  • To explore the concept of food security in our communities.
  • To understand how food justice connects to other struggles for justice.
  • To sharpen our public speaking and debate skills around Food Justice.
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Community Food Security 101

An Interactive Educational Tool

Community Food Security is a practical concept that gives a fresh breath of life to the anti-hunger movement. In the face of rising hunger and increasing alienation from our food sources, community food secruity is gaining momentum as a movement. Conduct a "Community Food Security 101" workshop and catalyze change in your community.

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The Food Project Youth Curriculum

Free curriculum on thier website as well as full manuals for sale.

Attached here are 7 workshops/activities ranging from 5 mins - 2 hours on topics such as: Food system, local food economy, distribution of world resources, etc.

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Food Justice Resource List

4 pages of online Food Justice resources covering the following topics:

  • Curriculum and Tools
  • Food Justice Resources
  • US Policy and Information
  • Blogs, Articles, Links
  • International Organizing
  • Farmworkers
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