CAAAV Organizing Asian Communities works to build grassroots community power across diverse poor and working class Asian immigrant and refugee communities in New York City.

We were founded in 1986 by Asian working class women alarmed by the spike of hate violence on Asian communities and its root causes stemming from institutional racism in the United States.

Through our organizing model of base-building, leadership development, campaigns, alliances, and organizational development- we organize Asian communities to fight for institutional change and participates in a broader movement towards racial, gender, and economic justice.


CAAAV banner


For Black Lives

  • Understand how stereotypes and beliefs about Black people maintain a culture of anti-blackness.
  • Reflect on how anti-blackness divides us and prevents us from building power together.

Making Race and Blackness in America

  • Understand race was created as a strategy to build wealth and power for an elite few.
  • Understand white supremacy.
  • See how slavery and blackness affects all people in the structure of the U.S.


  • Share personal reflections on identity and intersectionality
  • Understand the importance of intersectionality in our campaigns and movements
  • Think about ways to build inclusive and expansive communities.