Why Detroit?: Exploring Detroit’s Relationship with Globalization and Resistance

This tool was developed for the Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) political education curriculum. It should be used for people who are going to, or have interest in, the 2010 US Social Forum in Detroit. By engaging in this workshop participants will have the chance to learn about the history of Detroit, with different histories (economic, political, movement) broken up into different tracks. After an overview of the history, participants will be introduced to current struggles facing residents of Detroit, and what neighborhood responses have been. There is also an opportunity for people to reflect how the history of Detroit is similar and different to the history of San Francisco, or other cities that the participants may be coming from.

This tool is meant to be used for an audience that does not necessarily have a lot of background knowledge about Detroit. It should be used as a compliment to a general workshop about the history of the US Social Forum.

Video for Workshop