Race and Im/migration


  • Understand how national origin/race affect US immigration policy & immigration policy’s roots in racism & white supremacy
  • Review different paths to the U.S. that Asian immigrants and refugees have taken since 19th century
  • Understand how war, imperialism, and white supremacy intertwine to create exploitative migration conditions

Key Concepts: 1965 Immigration Act, 1996 IIRIRA, asian migration, refugee, migration is human right

*This is an exerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit. The toolkit represents the work and thinking of 15 grassroots organizations with Asian American bases living in the most precarious margins of power and their experiences with criminalization, deportation, homophobia, xenophobia and Islamo-racism, war, gender violence, poverty, and worker exploitation. By highlighting the role of people’s resistance both past and present, the toolkit seeks to build hope and a commitment to political struggle. To find the full toolkit, visit asianamtoolkit.org. Or access other workshops from this toolkit on Build the Wheel.