Model Minority Myth


  • Learn about the model minority myth and its origins in immigration policies, capitalism, and anti-black racism.
  • Reflect on how the model minority myth hurts Asian communities and other communities of color.
  • Identify ways that we can take ownership of this myth and take action against the anti-black logic of model minority politics.

Key Concepts: Model minority myth, stereotype, anti-black racism

*This is an excerpt from the Asian American Racial Justice Toolkit. The toolkit represents the work and thinking of 15 grassroots organizations with Asian American bases living in the most precarious margins of power and their experiences with criminalization, deportation, homophobia, xenophobia and Islamo-racism, war, gender violence, poverty, and worker exploitation.  By highlighting the role of people’s resistance both past and present, the toolkit seeks to build hope and a commitment to political struggle.

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