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This group discussion activity explores the idea of xenophobia and exclusion in the United States. It begins with participants talking about exclusion at the local level and then broadens to look at the impact of xenophobia on the US and its residents.… Read more

Gender Alliances

This group-based activity has participants look at gender identity within gender groups, and then present their experiences to other groups. It’s intended for groups that have a high degree of comfort with one another and some gender awareness. Favorite… Read more


“Conocimientos” or “getting to know each other” in Spanish is an effective icebreaker/opener. Using a list of questions, participants create posters that are shared with the group, soliciting responses and reflections. Favorite… Read more

Action Research Trainings

DataCenter: an independent research organization for social justice movements and grassroots organizing. Check out their research tools for planning toolkits, tips on online research, target research, surveys, and more. http://www.datacenter.org/research-tools/ Trainings include: Creating surveys Getting public records Researching corporations and individuals Toolkit on community action research Favorite… Read more

The Food Project Youth Curriculum

Attached here are 7 workshops/activities ranging from 5 mins – 2 hours on topics such as: Food system, local food economy, distribution of world resources, etc. Free curriculum can be found on their website as well as full manuals for sale.… Read more